Dragon Ball Z Tattoo – Majin Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo | Artist: Horikou | Shop: Zero Tattoo Sasebo

About this dragon ball z tattoo – Who is Majin Vegeta?

Majin Vegeta is the form Vegeta became when he became a follower of Babidi, or pretty much a slave.

When Babidi attempted to forcefully take control of Vegeta, he invaded his mind, something he could only achieve because of the hidden depths of evil lurking within his heart. This action was Babidi’s last defence in an effort to use him against the other Z Fighters. It is revealed that Vegeta could have stopped his possession but willingly chose to let Babidi take control of his body, believing that by awakening the evil intentions within himself he would finally be able to defeat Goku. As he fought along side the Z Fighters during the years and grew attached to his new home on Earth and his family, Vegeta struggled to hold onto his merciless dark side which he believed was the true source of his power.

Power and abilities

While having the Majin seal on his forehead, Vegeta gains substantial augmentations in power, speed, strength, and endurance. He can use some attacks, only available and/or also he can use in this state. While in the Majin state, Vegeta’s signature attacks, such as Big Bang Attack and Final Flash, have greater attack power and destructive force.

This Dragon Ball Z tattoo was created by the artist with vegeta in super saiyan 2 mode and also displays the dragon balls in the background as well.

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