Awesome Traditional Japanese Kappa Tattoo

Kappa Tattoo

Kappa Tattoo | Artist: Horikou | Shop: ZERO TATTOO SASEBO

Thank you for checking out this Kappa Tattoo. Hiding in the waters of Japan, lurks a creature that is as mysterious and also terrifying. The Japanese Kappa. This unique divine creature is known to have magical powers that can be used for equally good and evil. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Kappa prefers to use its talents to play tricks on humans or lash out violently towards us.

Though many Japanese refuse to believe that the Kappa exist, there are still many sightings reported today. Especially in the countryside of Japan. In fact, locals still hang warning signs near many bodies of water thought to be frequently visited by the Kappa.

Kappas Powers

Kappas powers are known to be mystical and are greatly respected by all those who believe in the creature. All Kappas posses great strength and impressive swimming capabilities. Kappas are also known for their love of fighting, mainly sumo wrestling. It is said that a A Kappas highest joy in life is to engage in combat with its unfortunate victims. Luckily, many are able to escape its invitation to fight by making a deep bow to this fearsome creature. According to the legend, Kappas are impressed with politeness, humbleness and will return the bow, and not kill the human.

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