Foo Dog Colorful Hand Tattoo

foo dog

Foo Dog Tattoo | Artist: Pongyos Saetan | Shop: Mayhem Ink Tattoo Studio Phuket

Foo Dog Tattoo Symbolism

Many Chinese people believed that these mythical guardian Foo Dogs(lion) had many special protective powers. According to the legend, the sole mission of the foo dog was to keep watch over Buddhist temples. Many statues of these guardian lions still stand guard over a wide range of buildings throughout Asia, from noble homes, government buildings, to royal tombs, temples, and also palaces.

You can also see them decorating commercial structures, such as stores, hotels, and other places of business, both in Asia and other communities around the world. They reside on artistic pieces like pottery, architectural elements, and paintings. The symbolism dates all the way back to 208 BC.

In general, Buddhists consider the foo dog to be sacred. Lions represent peace and are believed to impart calmness to anyone who bears their mark. They also represent happiness and energy.

When they’re displayed as statues, most of the time they appear in pairs. One is a male lion leaning against a ball usually, which symbolizes domain over the world, and the other is a female holding a baby, which can represents a mother’s nurturing. Together, the foo dogs a study in contrast and complement, strength moderated by gentleness and wisdom.

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