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tiger tattoo

Tiger Tattoo | Artist: Horikou | Shop: ZERO TATTOO SASEBO | Tokiwa-Cho 9-17 Sasebo-City, Japan

The meaning of a Tiger Tattoo

We can all agree that tigers are some fearsome animals. They are the largest cats on earth and can weigh 600 plus pounds. Thats literally the weight of a motorcycle. Tigers are masters of sneaking and being undetectable. Many cultures around the world are drawn irresistibly to this orange and black striped feline, which is why they’re popular options for a tattoo.

The Japanese tiger carries with it the same traits we all attribute to it’s undenied strength and boldness, and also it’s longevity. The tiger tattoo also wards off evil spirits, bad luck, and diseases.

This is probably the reason why many tattoo enthusiasts are getting inspired by the tiger design. The symbol of the tiger tattoo could be an image for people that they possess the same characteristics as a tiger when the going gets tough.

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